Michael Ratch

CPO, Production

Michael enjoys building teams, games, and companies. Notable titles shipped include AdVenture Capitalist on iOS, Android, Web, PC, Mac, Linux, Facebook, PS4, probably forgetting a few platforms…, AdVenture Communist, Mech Mice, RuneScape: Idle AdVentures, Hello Sanrio, Sweet Boss, Wild Warfare, Janky Tanks, Guild Quest, Phrase Shift, Elastrix, Puffle Launch, and monthly content updates to Club Penguin MMO. After 3 years with Disney Online Studios he joined Hyper Hippo Entertainment at its inception and grew it into a profitable game company and publisher. After being the COO for a social enterprise for 3 years he’s excited to be making games again. He has a wife and two kids; works out of Kelowna, and enjoys multi-day backpacking trips along the West Coast Trail or in the Rocky Mountains.

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