Sean Penney

CPO / COO, Design, Production

Producer, Designer, Writer and Deadly Swordsman(TM), Sean has over 20 years of development experience, starting with text-based and graphical MMORPGs in the 1990s with Vancouver-based Ice Online. Electronic Arts followed, with top franchises such as The Sims Online, SSX, FIFA, Wing Commander, Need For Speed and many more, shipping 12 titles for EA and selling over 50 million units. Sean produced the first North American title to hit number one in Korea, the Free-to-Play FIFA Online Korea. After EA Sean gamified health Apps with Ayogo Games, produced story content for Kibble Games’ MMO/graphic novel fusion: “Millennium Man”, developed a story telling engine for One More Story and then spent three years as Creative Director and Chief Technical Officer for Agents of Discovery, creating place-based Augmented Reality games. For fun Sean can be found camping in medieval pavilions and hitting his friends with blunted weapons in the Society for Creative Anachronisms.

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