Rodrigo Abreu


Rodrigo has been developing games for the past 4 years. He has an affinity on gameplay mechanics, UI, networks, and tools for Android and Browser F2P games. Prior to that he worked as a full stack software engineer, developing web applications for multiple companies in Brazil including public transport tracking systems for the government, and payment systems for Cielo and B2W (credit card and the online retail leaders in Brazil). Most recently he has been working with, an online game publisher, supporting their development team with his Unity 3D expertise.

As a gamer, Rodrigo is passionate about RTSs, Card Games, Board Games and RPGs. Some of the titles that has sparked his love for making games include Age of Empires, WarCraft, StarCraft, Magic the Gathering, and D&D. Few years ago, Rodrigo was a bassist & guitarist in the Rio de Janeiro’ pop/rock scene. On his spare time he enjoys DM multiple D&D game sessions for his friends.

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